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  1. Our average service time is 2 hours for a standard full groom. This may be extended for large dogs, hand-stripping or matted coats or reduced for bath and blow dry or bath and tidy appointments.

  2. Pets arriving with heavily matted coats will not be brushed out in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. This may result in  'clip off' which can expose pre-existing conditions and dramatically change the appearance of your dog for which we accept no responsibility. This will be discussed with you before any action is taken.

  3. Late collections (after closing time or more than an hour after calling) will be charged an additional day care fee.

  4. Please make staff aware if your dog has a history of aggression with humans or dogs.

  5. Please make staff aware if your dog has and medical conditions or allergies.

  6. Dogs arriving with fleas or ticks will have an additional charge.

  7. All care will be taken to ensure a safe and happy groom for your pet. Should an accident occur or any issue arise we reserve the right to take your pet to a vet for treatment. You will be liable for costs in regards to pre-existing conditions. Prima Donna Pets will take responsibility for incidents caused directly by staff.

  8. You are happy for photos taken of your pets at the salon to be used as part of our portfolio both on and offline.


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